Episode 2 ~ On the Frontline

Episode 2

In this episode we meet the scientists trying to crack the mystery of Australian fires and join the front-line forces bringing an astounding array of technology to the fire zone.

For decades our ways of fighting bushfires had hardly changed- rickety fire trucks, rakes and wet blankets were the only weapons of choice. 

But in the past few years fire-fighting has been revolutionised with an array of technology, much of it making the transition from warzone to the firezone.

And with each new fire season, new weapons are being brought to the battle, along with a greater understanding of how fires behave in Australian conditions.

The NSW Rural Fire Service is the largest volunteer fire fighting service in the world and our audience are afforded a unique insight into the machinations of the interior workings of this organisation as we witness the headquarters ‘war room’ and 300 staff trying to contain dozens of skirmishes simultaneously as the bush fire season it at its peak. They’ve now been on full intensity for 3 months straight battling one of the worst fire seasons in Australia’s history.